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Tracking Phone Calls in ACT!

How easy is ACT! to use in terms of tracking phone calls and generating reports specifically for a Call Center? Crystal is the best tool for call tracking.  There are crystal reports readers that can be had.  If you have ACT 2010, I"d use the OLDDB provider #2 and Crystal REports along with Crystal Clear […]

Connecting ACT! to Crystal Reports

Connecting ACT! to Crystal Reports Open¬†Crystal Reports, got to File – New – ¬†Blank Report Create New Connection, Chose OLE/DB (ADO) From here depending on the version of ACT you have you will see one or two providers, either ACT OLE Provider (1 or 2) After that, you will need to put the full path […]

Can ACT! for Web and the desktop version of ACT coexist

October 17, 2012
by: Jon Klubnik • ACT! Software, Hosting

Grace’s 8400 Mile Commute

April 23, 2012
by: Grace • Hosting, SuccessStories

When does a Hosted Model Make sense?

April 12, 2012
by: Grace • Hosting, Uncategorized

Heading to the Cloud

June 2, 2011
by: Jon Klubnik • Hosting