By Jon Klubnik • April 6th, 2012

How to Create a Document Template in ACT!

Something that ACT! does better than almost any other program I’ve seen is allow you to send out preformatted letters to your contacts. These can be a response to an inquiry for information, a corporate resume or a status update on a project. What ever your use, the are simple to use and very powerful. To get started, there are a couple of things that you should consider.

1) the My Record – each user of a database has a record, called a "My Record" this record contains what will become the "sent from" information in your letters and templates. You will want to make sure it’s accurate. Just Open ACT, go to Lookup, My record. The info here is you.

2) Fields you will populate your letter with. You will want to make sure you have filled these out for everyone you will be sending your letter to. Also make sure you are aware of the field name as this will help you customize your letter templates. To learn the field name of one of your fields, right click on a field you want in your letter and after the word Lookup in the pop up menu will be the field name of the field you have right clicked in.

3) doing Lookups; In ACT, the filtering of your data occurs BEFORE you send our a letter, report or print your labels.

For customizing the letter templates themselves, check our this page

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