By Jon Klubnik • November 28th, 2012

It’s that time of year again.  12 webinars in just over a  months time.  Each is free.  We will also give away 5 copies of ACT from all attendees.

Join us for the 12 Days of ACT! , these are 30 minute overview on various ACT! topics.

DAY 1: Sending Your Holiday CardsThursday Nov 29 at 12 noon Cen
Every year around this time companies start scurrying through Outlook act business cards and other sources because it’s time to send out Christmas and holiday cards. Today’s webinars when we do every year is our gift to you. We’ll show you how to quickly and easily create labels email blasts and mail merge Christmas letters that you can use to send to your clients. We’ll take a look at how to filter our list so that we just send these to those on a particular list or those who we’ve done work with this year.

DAY 2: E-marketing (Swiftpage) within ACT!Tuesday Dec 04 at 12 noon Cen
During this webinar will go over some of the features of creating a template uploading to  E-marketing (Swiftpage) and sending an email blast to your clients within  ACT!. We will also go over the reporting features of’ ACT! E-marketing (Swiftpage), and demonstrate how E-marketing reports can be used to discover hot prospects within  ACT!.

DAY 3: ACT! and Social Media – Wednesday Dec 05 at 12 noon Cen
More and more, successful salespeople are the ones who use relationships and develop relationships with potential clients. New technologies and social media including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn offer insight into interests, background, employment history and more with the people you seek to work with.  ACT! 2013 has new features in the area of social media that we will go over during the session. We will look at the web info tab which allows you to see the Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, Google search, driving directions and more. We will also look at the new social media histories area which related to the last 25 updates to both Facebook and LinkedIn

DAY 4: ACT! In an hour ( Feature tour of the program)- Thursday, Dec 6 at 12 noon Cen
This is one of our more popular webinars. This session is great for the new employee or the new users of  ACT!. In about 35 minutes will go over the basic features of ACT! including contacts, lookups, scheduling, Outlook integration, and reporting. Although we won’t go too deep it will be a good overview for those looking to get an idea of what the program can do. We hope you can join us.

Day 5: Smart Tasks – Automating ACTTuesday Dec 11 at 12 noon Cen
One of the most widely anticipated features recently included in ACT! has been the availability of workflow, called Smart Tasks within ACT!. In today’s webinar we will do an overview of smart tasks talk about what they will do and what they will not do and provide a basic training session on use of this feature. We will also cover a high level a couple of add-ons to ACT! which would allow a user to have more complete and precise workflow automation characteristics.


Day 6: Working with OutlookWednesday Dec 12, at 12 noon CEN
During today’s session will talk about how ACT! integrates with Microsoft outlook. We will go over email integration, contacting calendar synchronization, email blasts, and other best practices. We will also provide an overview of a few add-on products which may provide features not available within the ACT! program for your consideration

Day 7:Finding your stuff in ACT!  Lookups and GroupsThursday, Dec 13 at 12 noon Cen
Once you get your information into ACT! inevitably you’re going to want to find it. Today’s webinar will go over data diving with ACT!. Will look it standard lookups advanced lookups, look at by example, and both static and dynamic groups

DAY 8:ACT and the Mac! – Tuesday, Dec 18 at 12 noon Cen
The popularity of the Mac has made its way into today’s business world. More  people are buying Mac computers and with that comes the need to run Windows applications including ACT! on these devices. They will look at different methods of getting ACT! on a Mac and working in that environment. We will look at the Parallels program, VM Fusion, Boot Camp, as well as various hosted solutions compatible with Mac computers.

DAY 9: Tablets and Phones – ACT! On the go for the mobile Road warrior Wednesday, Dec 19 at 12 noon Cen
Research has shown that 50% of small business owners are planning to purchase tablets within the new year. 77% user desktop or PC less after buying a tablet. 70% or more of ACT! users utilize a smart phone. Today we will look at various options for using act remotely. Smart phones, tablets, remote offices, home offices, and more. We will also look at options for hosting your act database in the cloud.

Day 10:Phone Calls, Meetings and More.  Scheduling in ACT!- Thrusday, Dec 20 at 12 noon Cen
Once you start to move beyond the Rolodex features of act name address phone number, it becomes valuable to see the results of meetings phone calls and to dues that you’ve had with your clients. Today’s webinar will take a look at scheduling features within ACT! 2013. Look at the calendar, task list, and the activities tab within the contact window. We will also cover scheduling meetings with multiple people email reminders and reporting on contact activity. This webinar is free and will last about 35 minutes

Day 11: ACT! 2013 Feature TourThursday, Dec 27 at 12 noon Cen
New features and ACT! 2013 include mobility with the new ACT! premium mobile product, social media integration, marketing enhancements and smart tasks.  We will take a short tour of each of these plus look at some of the more popular new features from previous years

Day 12:Database Design in ACTThursday  Jan 3 at 12 noon Cen
As part of their New Year’s resolutions, many users of ACT! make plans to tweak or modify how they use the program during the coming year. For example if you use ACT!mainly to record basic contact information last year, this year you might want to choose to record additional things like how you heard about someone, the product they might be interested in, when they might choose to want to work with you, and more.
During this 30 minute webinar, we will go over the basics of customizing ACT! including adding fields to the database, drop downs, and customizing the layouts. This webinar will be a 30,000 foot view but sufficient for basic customization.

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