By Jon Klubnik • January 4th, 2011

ACT! and the Ipad

The Ipad is fast becoming a serious business tool. It’s ease of use and open face format make the IPAD the perfect demonstration device. Whether you are taking a loan application with a client, or just if you need your business information at your fingertips.

Our Hosted Citrix services allows you to view ACT on many devices not otherwise supported by ACT. This includes MAC computers, Linux, and the IPAD. Real time all the time access to your information across your entire team.

Today, we want to go over some of the ways a user can connect to their ACT via IPad.

Log me in or Go to My PC – Each of these tools allow you to contol another computer from your IPAD or other Tablet device. This provides a cost effective  and relatively simple to connect to your computer from your tablet.  These solutions can be viable for single users and small teams. The most important consideration is that you must have a computer dedicated for you to access back at an office somewhere. If that computer crashes or if someone else needs to use it, your data is not accessible.  Also, this becomes a logistical challenge as the size of your teams grow as more and more computers need to be dedicated to this type of access.

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