Features in ACT! 2009 (Version 11)

(Obsolete Software)

Attachments Ability to mouse over an attachment icon and see details of attachment (type, creation date, etc.)
Backup Option to exclude attachments from database backups (smaller backup file)
Backup Automated backups with option to specify default location for backup files
Calendar Popup displays an activity scheduled for multiple contacts, activity alarm shows both contact & company, “Go To (contact)” option in alarm works with single or multiple contacts (create lookup for multiple)
Customization Ability to edit “Regarding” dropdown list when recording a history
History Icon on Toolbar Add to all ACT views
Installation Streamlined installation using typical or custom options
Lookup View “Previous Lookup”
Mail Merge Recalls last used options (template, merge list, etc.)
New System Field Types Two new system fields, import date of contact record and Is Imported (fields of data at import)
Opportunity New filtering options
OS Support 64 bit Windows Versions
Relationship Tab Associate contact to contact without the use of groups or companies
Synchronization Improved user synchronization progress view, improved deployment or remote databases