Features in ACT! 2010 (Version 12)

ACT Mobile Live View ACT data on mobile devices using ACT Mobile Live (fee based)
ACT Premium for the Web Mail Merge with Word enabled, sales opportunities create Word based quotes
Contact Detail View Welcome page, simplified navigation, improved Nav Bar on left panel, consolidated menus, big easy button bar,
Currency At database creation specify currency type to be used within database
Customization Create unlimited custom opportunity fields/dropdowns
Dashboards New Dashboards
Data access New OLEDB Provider – allows enhanced reporting from outside of ACT, data from groups/company membership and activities data
iCalendar Users can send calendar invites via iCalendar format, enhances calendar options in Outlook and ACT to import invites sent by email to ACT user.
Marketing Tab ACT E-marketing feature added-email marketing from within ACT, automatic contact history recorded, statistical results of marketing campaigns sent to user by email, email surveys, drip marketing campaigns
Opportunities Attach notes/histories/activities/documents, create opportunity without link to any ACT entity, create custom tables for Opportunities (third party design tool required), customize product detail view, and limit access to opportunity using limited access rules
Reports 13 new report templates, streamlined reports view with Favorites option
Synchronization Remote database creation modified to support creation of up to 50 remotes at once
Usability Instant search access from any view, contact list view appears after lookup, set color scheme preference,
Vcard Create a Vcard from ACT contact data, send Vcard info to others via Outlook email
Web Info tab Contact website viewing, social networking integration