Handhelds, Ipads, and Other Portable Devices

Ipads, Xoom, Iphones, Blackberries and other hand held devices are fast becoming a business tool.  Getting to your ACT! database information is essential.

One of the key benefits of our thin client virtual desktop is that it work across all platforms. You can access your entire hosted environment from all devices. Screen size and the need for offline access may necessitate a platform specific solution as well. With Citrix you see the actual ACT program with all data and all features.

There are several Server based methods available which we support for getting your ACT onto your smartphone or tablet.

Hosted and Server Side Solutions – Managed and supported by Tandem

Handheld Contact – is server based and allows sync of your ACT data to your Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry, Palm, or windows Mobile device. The benefits of HHC are it is the most ACT-like handheld solution out there and has a long history of reliability.

Sage ACT! Connect Sync your BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile®, and Android™ devices to Sage ACT! Connect for real-time, mobile access to your Sage ACT! contacts and calendar. Sage ACT! Connect uses your phone’s built-in address book and calendar, you have access to contact details, your schedule, and more in the same familiar way you do today. Further, you can control how your data is updated between your device and Sage ACT! when you set your individual sync preferences, including one-way or two-way sync, plus timed or manual sync.

DoubleLook Enterprise

Local Solutions – Work with your Remote ACT Sync Database – Managed and supported by the user

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Double Look

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