Features in ACT! 2005 (7.0)

Attach documents To activities, notes, and history
Calendars 5 Views and global event view
Companies Link multiple contacts to an single Company entity
Contact List View Export lookup to Excel
Contact Views Access to specific contacts defined by rules (limited access)
Customization New field types-Picture/Yes-No/Email/URL, field drop-down with multi-select option, dropdown shared by multiple fields
Email Add ACT database as an Outlook Address book, email address verification and correction while processing mail merge
Groups Group hierarchy views for up to 14 subgroups, dynamic group membership rules, contact scheduling from group
Lookup Save lookup as a group
Notes and History Separate tabs; Shared between/among multiple contacts
Opportunities List view, Lookups, Quote from opportunity, Graphical sales pipeline report, edit/import product list
Secondary Contacts Tab Add unlimited secondary contacts associated to main contact
Security Five security levels for users make notes/histories/opportunities private
Spell-check Notes, Histories and Emails
Synchronization Query-based sync
Tabs Separate Notes and History tabs
Text formatting change/add colors, bullets, graphics, URL links in notes, histories and activities