New Features in ACT! 2006 (Version 8)

ACT! Scheduler Schedule sync for remote users based on specific date, time and frequency; Schedule backup based on specific date, time and frequency even if database is in use or closed on Server.
Administration Automatic database backup and sync
Contact Access Grant contact access en masse if utilizing limited access features for users.
Contact Detail View View all group associations for contact and add/remote contact from group or company at contact level
Contact List View Link contacts to a company en masse, hyperlink companies to contacts
Contacts View team membership
Customization Edit/create new opportunity field names, more field types
Email Integration with Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes
Groups & Companies Tree views for Groups and Companies
Implementation Silent Install; Citrix® and Terminal Services Supported
Lookup Find contacts by user or team access
Mobile Support Blackberry sync
Security Improvements Support for non-local machine Administrators , improved sync data security, customized user rights to define sync sets, delete, etc.
Synchronization Sync attachments tied to contacts or companies for remote users utilizing defined sync sets