New Features in ACT! 2007 (Version 9)

Advanced Keyword Search Lookup key words in fields, notes, histories & zoom to exact location of the search result in a contact, group or company view.
Customization Specify linked contact and company fields, create field-level security (read only and no access options),
Fields Update company field’s data linked to contact fields
Lookup Lookup Indicator, last email field lookup option added
Maintenance Schedule to automatically run based on specific date, time and frequency
Network Support for network load balancing to maintain optimal performance in multi-server environments
Notes tab Split note preview in contact detail view
Outlook Integration Create an ACT history of emails sent to contact, send an Outlook email from contact view, create an ACT contact from an Outlook message, sync ACT Calendar to Outlook Calendar -manually or automatically, attach an Outlook email to any ACT contact history, define ACT history type when attaching Outlook email to a contact
Query Edit or copy an existing saved query
Security Password expiration options, password complexity rules and password reuse limitation, define security level en masse for notes, history, and opportunities