By Jon Klubnik • September 29th, 2014

ACT! CRM Version 17 includes the ability to sync you ACT! contacts or calendar ONE-WAY to Outlook.image

There are a couple of reasons we have been waiting for this feature:

First – One way sync is a quick and easy way to get your data to your smartphone or tablet.

Second, Historically, it was necessary to clean out your outlook contacts or calendar so as to avoid duplicates when you synchronized. This is because many of us kept duplicate information in both places to try and use both tools.  One way Synchronization allow us to push ACT information to Outlook for further Sync to smartphones and tablets.    This method is by far the safest and easiest for getting info to your devices.

However, since ACT! as a relationship management tool and Outlook (as a personal information manager) are designed differently, it is not always possible to keep all information constant when performing two way synchronization.

One way Sync is configured for ACT contacts and Calendar separately.  You can sync one or the other or both one way.

Here are some feature we see that are missing that we would like to see added.

  • The ability to configure an Outlook destination (address book or calendar).  ACT will sync to the default only.
  • The ability to map particular fields from ACT to Outlook is not currently present.


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