By Jon Klubnik • February 22nd, 2011

In addition to being able to use the full ACT! Desktop Client in a Cloud based environment, Hosting ACT over Citrix brings us additional benefits such as.

Access from anywhere

All you need is an internet connection


Get to your stuff from anywhere

Reduced IT Costs

Many Companies have reduced their IT costs by 30 percent or more


Networks and applications are managed by experts


128-bit encryption and servers stored at secure data centers


Print to your printer with no further setup. Your default printer is your default printer

Time Zone issues for Remote users:  with other solutions, users see the time zone of the server and not their local time zone. This can make it difficult if you are off by an hour for a meeting.

MACS, IPADS and IPhones support:

Seamless access to the server through the new Citrix receiver

Universal Smartphone Support:

Access from any smartphone including iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Android

Expanded support of devices

USB access supports POS devices, webcams, microphones, scanners, digital cameras, and more

Simplified PC Maintenance

There is no application data on your laptop and on your office server. Your files are backed up daily, and your information is stored in a secure data center.

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