By Jon Klubnik • October 17th, 2012

Sage ACT! comes in two flavors, Pro and Premium.  The pro edition is typically for 1-4 users, but can go as high as 10. The premium is generally from 3-100 users.

The premium version of Sage ACT! has a desktop client, a full web client and an HTML 5 lite web client called ACT! premium mobile.  (both ACT for Web and ACT Premium Mobile require a web server to operate)

When sharing an ACT database within your office, it is important that each user have a license, that each instance of the ACT desktop client  the same version and that any ACT for web versions match the ACT desktop clients version. The version can be found under help and about within the ACT program.

However, for companies that require a combination of desktop and Web users, it is possible to access the same database from each of these clients.  For example, a person in the office using the ACT desktop client to access the database on the company server can also go home and access the dame data via the ACT for Web client.  It is important to mention that the ACT for web client is a lighter version of the ACT program and is lacking some of the administrative features that exist in the full desktop client.

Again, it is necessary if the Web client or the ACT premium mobile client are desired, than these components would be installed on a windows server running IIS.

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