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Setting email Preferences in ACT for Web

Something new I learned today. Email preferences for APFW are set within Outlook not ACT. Basically in Outlook, File, Options, Addins Select ACT Outlook Addin Select Add-In Options at the top This will bring up ACT premium web history options. here you can select the default. Here is a video describing how

Making Your Customer List Private in ACT! CRM

Let’s say you have decided to hire a summer intern to help you with your database and with sales, but let’s also say that your databases is rather sensitive and you want to make sure your new assistant doesn’t contact the wrong person by mistake.  One way to address this issue is to may your […]

Making your ACT Database a hidden share on your network.

By Default, when ACT shares the database supplemental files folders, they are save on an unhidden Share available to Everyone on the network.  This short article will document how to secure on a network for companies with security or compliance (For example HIPPA) concerns. Create hidden share using windows share Open ACT! as administrator Share […]

Calculating the age of an ACT Contact.

Act! has the ability to calculate fields based upon the values in other fields. You can either calculate based upon a number field type or a date field.  For example, with a date field you can calculate the number of days until a closing date for a loan for the number of years since an […]

Saving an AC T! Query for Later

Did you know that you can save your ACT! Query to use again later?  The easiest thing to do is create an advanced query (Lookup, Advanced, Advanced Query) once this query is created, you can save and next time just open from advanced query.  You can also open a saved Query from a Group Criteria. […]

Export to Excel in Act!–The Quick and Powerful Weekly Call Report from Act! History

Did you know that Act! can push any list to excel?  That’s right, the contact list, Opportunity list, Group List, Company List, Task List, and beginning in version 17.1, the History list can all be exported to excel.  Once the data is in excel, you can use the data menu in excel to manipulate and […]

Using the History List for a simple Act! Report

The first step for Act! users is getting the data in effectively. Use history (CTRL-H), not notes. Why ? Notes don’t allow Act! to do all the analysis. But a history classifies entries as “Call Completed”, “Meeting Held” or “On-Site Presentation”. Then, the report tools count history entries by type, date, sales rep etc. In […]

How Act! works with Quotewerks

Quotewerks has a built in contact manager, but it really isn’t a CRM like Act.  We suggest using a Contact management tool like ACT rather than just the built in Rol-A Dex that comes with Quotewerks.  Here’s why. A CRM is going to provide buckets or holding area for a variety of bits of information […]

Special issues with Citrix Receiver following computer hibernation/sleep

Specific issues with the Citrix receiver (and other applications) can sometimes occur when bringing a computer out of sleep or hibernation.  It is not uncommon for various programs to not properly start or fully start after awakening from this low power state.  This article is designed to help increase the frequency of recovering from sleep/hibernation. […]

Tandem Named Top 10 Worldwide Quotewerks Partner

Tandem Named Top 10 Worldwide Quotewerks Partner For the second year in a row, Tandem has been named to the Top 10 .  We love working with Quotewerks and are honored by this recognition. “Congratulations on being named a Top QuoteWerks Worldwide Partner in 2015!  As a token of our sincere appreciation for your hard […]