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We have been working with ACT! since 1994 and started certifying in ACT! in early 2000. We have worked with several hundred small businesses and sales teams to implement an ACT! strategy to assist sales people to become more productive, to sell more, and to provide a management tool for guiding an entire sales team.

We have multiple ACT! Certified Consultants on staff and maintain ACT! Premier Trainer status.  We are also a Platinum level ACT! reseller which allows us to provide the best possible pricing on ACT! software.

We have expertise in the technical aspects of ACT!, Software Training, and Sales Training. We are committed to doing more than showing you how to use a piece of software. We are all about helping you use ACT! to become more productive and sell more!
We are certified on Classic ACT! (versions 5,6) “New” ACT! (versions 7,8,9,10,11,12,13) and also all versions of ACT! for Web.

We are proud that our team has a combined total of over 100 days of training since 2000  in various technical aspects of ACT! Software. We have attended Certification Training, ACT! Premier Trainer Training and annual ACT! Certified Consultant Conferences.  This is above and beyond that which most Texas area ACT! Consultants have achieved and beyond what is required by our certification. We believe we are among the most technically capable ACT! Consultants anywhere!

Tandem Training has also invested in state of the art equipment. We have a laptop classroom of 10 laptop computers and a portable projectors. We can provide customized manuals and amazing follow up support.

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