By Jon Klubnik • December 21st, 2016

Did you know that Act! can push any list to excel?  That’s right, the contact list, Opportunity list, Group List, Company List, Task List, and beginning in version 17.1, the History list can all be exported to excel.  Once the data is in excel, you can use the data menu in excel to manipulate and filter your data for easy digestion.

Referral Report from the History List View

Fields Used

  • Record Manager
  • Date
  • Contact
  • Company
  • Result

Export this data to Excel

From this list, in Excel go to Insert, Pivot Table, Select New Worksheet image
You can configure the pivot table to view just the data you want image
Select the History types you want on your report SNAGHTML1a2082ca
Here is your finished Report image

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