By Grace • April 25th, 2012

Get your ACT together with Smart Tasks

Each month I have  list of tasks to do, for example touching base with new customers after a month of service.  However, whenever I get busy some of the tasks get forgotten. With the recently improved ACT! Smart Tasks feature it like having an assistant to help you stay on top of things regardless of how busy it gets.

Smart Tasks are a sequence  of related steps  that automatically complete set tasks. These tasks can be performed for either a contact or an opportunity. Take my example of touching base with a new customer after a month of service, I would  be alerted via e-mail or a scheduled activity to follow-up with the customer. The Smart Task sequence is organized using a template, which can have one or several steps.

To get started with Smart Tasks, you can use the ready made templates  in ACT! or create one from scratch.

To access the Smart tasks go to Schedule menu, click Manage Smart Tasks, select the Templates tab to see the smart tasks templates that are available.
To create a Smart Task template go to Schedule menu, click Manage Smart Tasks, click New Smart Task, then follow the Smart Task  wizard to complete the template.

Here is a video showing a step by step process

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