By Jon Klubnik • July 26th, 2010

ACT! for Web –ACT! for Web (APFW) is easily accessible via the Internet Explorer web browser. Although it lacks some of the marketing and administrative features of the full desktop product, it is easiest to deploy and access and is many times a good solution for sales professionals seeking a shared company database. There is also the benefit of nothing loaded on the client computer and near immediate deployment. This is an online only solution. There is no access to your data if you are not connected to the internet. This is also a more secure solution in that if a computer is lost or stolen your valuable information is not lost. Most add on software requires the ACT desktop product and therefore is not functional via ACT for web.

ACT! Premium Synchronization – Benefits of this solution include offline access to your data and use of the full windows desktop program and most of its features* . Most ACT adds ons work in a synchronization environment. Because ACT must be installed and maintained on each users workstation, this solution can be more costly to maintain. Users must be trained and responsible for keeping up the sync process as it is client initiated. Access to other user’s data is not in real time and is dependent upon all parties performing synch. Finally, this configuration is susceptible to security risks in there may be data loss due to physical loss of the computer and damage to the data not yet synchronized. Generally speaking a greater level of trust and responsibility is required if sync enabled users.

ACT! over Citrix (thin client) – Citrix allows you to log in remotely to our server. From your perspective, the programs show up on your system just like any other program. However, the program and data reside on the server. All that passes to you are screen views and keyboard commands. There are no programs to load on your machine, just a small IE Plug-in. Our Citrix platform works on old machines, slow machines, Windows-based and Mac based machines, including IPADs.

With a Citrix based solution, you use the full Windows desktop ACT product with none of the limitations incurred by the ACT for Web platform and none of the administrative and security risks of the ACT Sync model. ACT! over Citrix is fast and secure and it’s very easy to deploy. ACT integration is fully functional, but only with Citrix based MS Office. It does not integrate with Microsoft Office on your local machine. IF this is a requirement, a combination Citrix-Sync model may be employed.

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