Get Act! AddOns with a Hosted Database

January 14th, 2016 • By: Brianna Loftin ACT! Software, Hosting

Would you like to use your Act! AddOns and still have your Act! Database Hosted?  Check out all of your AddOn options for Virtual Desktop Hosting at the AddOn Store!

Email or call 866-710-4228 for more information.

Can ACT! for Web and the desktop version of ACT coexist

October 17th, 2012 • By: Jon Klubnik ACT! Software, Hosting

Sage ACT! comes in two flavors, Pro and Premium.  The pro edition is typically for 1-4 users, but can go as high as 10. The premium is generally from 3-100 users.

The premium version of Sage ACT! has a desktop client, a full web client and an HTML 5 lite web client called ACT! premium mobile.  (both ACT for Web and ACT Premium Mobile require a web server to operate)

When sharing an ACT database within your office, it is important that each user have a license, that each instance of the ACT desktop client  the same version and that any ACT for web versions match the ACT desktop clients version. The version can be found under help and about within the ACT program.

However, for companies that require a combination of desktop and Web users, it is possible to access the same database from each of these clients.  For example, a person in the office using the ACT desktop client to access the database on the company server can also go home and access the dame data via the ACT for Web client.  It is important to mention that the ACT for web client is a lighter version of the ACT program and is lacking some of the administrative features that exist in the full desktop client.

Again, it is necessary if the Web client or the ACT premium mobile client are desired, than these components would be installed on a windows server running IIS.

Grace’s 8400 Mile Commute

April 23rd, 2012 • By: Grace Hosting, SuccessStories

A few weeks ago my family and I relocated from Houston, Texas to Nairobi, Kenya were both my husband and I were born. We returned to our home country to raise our children close to family and work on the family business.

For most people moving away from the city or country where you work means  leaving your job, fortunately that was not the case for me. I am able to work in my home office in Nairobi just like I like I worked while in Houston, apart from a few exceptions. Thanks to revolutionary technology I am able to  work  approximately 8346 miles / 13431.59 km from the company head office.

The tools that make this possible – a laptop, wireless internet connection, a citrix (thin client) account and a Syke account for chat and video conferencing.

With Citrix I have access to ACT!, MS office, QuoteWerks, QuickBooks, Evernote just to name a few. I am also able to access my citrix account on my mobile phone.

With a working computer and reliable internet connection you can work from any where in the country or the world. Some of our customer using this service include traveling sales people, physicians liaisons, and mortgage professionals who work from home or branch offices.

You too can work from anywhere, just contact our office and we can get you setup.

When does a Hosted Model Make sense?

April 12th, 2012 • By: Grace Hosting, Uncategorized

Deciding if hosting  is the best choice for your company is a critical task.  The checklist below is designed to assist companies like yours to make the best choice by highlighting some of the key factors involved. 

Depending on your requirements or resources, this checklist will help determine if hosting makes sense.

Check the appropriate box
Yes__      No__      IT Staff (Availability/ ACT! Expertise)
Yes__      No__     Geographically Dispersed Users
Yes__      No__     Capital Availability
Yes__      No__     Customization Requirements
Yes__      No__     Large number of users
Yes__      No__     Access to the Internet
Yes__      No__     Integration with other Applications ( MS Office, QuickBooks, QuoteWerks)
Yes__      No__    Need for a Predictable IT Budget

Our Strengths:

  • If you are already outsourcing your IT related needs or if your IT staff does not possess the necessary skills, our team has the expertise needed to support your ACT! environment.
  • Geographically  dispersed teams  are able to access data from a central location which increases efficiency and reduces costs.
  • Capital availability hosting has  low start up costs, with little or no  long term commitment.
  • Our team can met your database customization needs to enable to work efficiently.
  • Large number of users,  benefit  from having central administration, which is critical in managing large groups.
  • Our thin client model provides access to all of your applications from nearly any device via an internet connection.  For those needing off line access, synchronization is available for several applications.
  • The thin client solutions allows for  Integration with other applications such as MS Office,  QuickBooks, QuoteWerks and more.
  • Our hosting packages are a fixed monthly fee allowing you to plan your  IT budget.

Heading to the Cloud

June 2nd, 2011 • By: Jon Klubnik Hosting

More and more we are seeing companies doing more with less… And they are using technology to do it. Whether it is a downsized our outsourced IT department, a geographically dispersed team of home workers, road warriors or just different offices, more and more teams are looking to a cloud based solution.

Another trend we have been seeing has been the introduction of tablet computers.  Of these, IPAD are by far the most popular, but we also see Android based devices. While it is not possible to load ACT on these devices or run ACT for Web, our Citrix based solution will allow full access to all of your data from a tablet.  The same environment follows you from work computer to laptop to home computer to tablet.

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Setting up an IPAD to use Citrix

April 5th, 2011 • By: Jon Klubnik Hosting, Popular

One of the benefits of our Citrix Hosted solution is the ability to go from Laptop to Desktop to IPAD with the same session and without needing to reload any of your programs or sync your data.

Here are the simple steps needed to setup an IPAD or IPAD 2 to utilize our Citrix Cloud.  IF you have questions or wish to sign up call us at (866) 710 4228

  1. On the IPAD, go to the App Store and search for Citrix Receiver for Ipad
Search Will return the proper application: Citrix Receiver for IPAD;
Choose Install
On the Welcome Screen, Choose Connect to my Company’s Virtual Apps and Desktops
Your Published Applications will come up. Click on the Icon to start the application, Click on the Plus + to add to your favorites

ACT and QuoteWerks Hosting

February 24th, 2011 • By: Jon Klubnik Hosting

We use Quotewerks internally and have been greatly impressed with the quality of the product and the excellent support Aspire Technology provides.  QuoteWerks pulls ACT! contact information into the quote

When you select the ACT! contact to use in the quote, our innovative DataLink feature can automatically pull other  information from ACT! into the quote such as customer terms, customer sales tax rate, customer profile etc. Customer profiles can be used by QuoteWerks to determine the appropriate pricing a particular customer should receive.

We host Quotewerks with our Citrix Hosting platform for an “everything in the cloud experience”

Download the Quotewerks -ACT! Spec Sheet


Benefits of a Citrix Based Solution

February 22nd, 2011 • By: Jon Klubnik Hosting, Popular

In addition to being able to use the full ACT! Desktop Client in a Cloud based environment, Hosting ACT over Citrix brings us additional benefits such as.

Access from anywhere

All you need is an internet connection


Get to your stuff from anywhere

Reduced IT Costs

Many Companies have reduced their IT costs by 30 percent or more


Networks and applications are managed by experts


128-bit encryption and servers stored at secure data centers


Print to your printer with no further setup. Your default printer is your default printer

Time Zone issues for Remote users:  with other solutions, users see the time zone of the server and not their local time zone. This can make it difficult if you are off by an hour for a meeting.

MACS, IPADS and IPhones support:

Seamless access to the server through the new Citrix receiver

Universal Smartphone Support:

Access from any smartphone including iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Android

Expanded support of devices

USB access supports POS devices, webcams, microphones, scanners, digital cameras, and more

Simplified PC Maintenance

There is no application data on your laptop and on your office server. Your files are backed up daily, and your information is stored in a secure data center.

Why We Chose Citrix

February 22nd, 2011 • By: Jon Klubnik Hosting, Popular

Studies show that Citrix operates three to four times faster than Microsoft Terminal Services. Many factors contribute to Citrix’s greater efficiency. Citrix’s applications work and appear as local applications with an icon on your desktop. Microsoft Terminal Services demand that you login to a remote desktop—amounting to three or four mouse clicks before you are able to access your application. Terminal Services’ performance speed is affected by factors outside of your company’s control, such as Microsoft network latency. A recent study shows that Citrix can use up to 73% less bandwidth on your server than Terminal Services.

Citrix offers additional advantages not available with Microsoft Terminal Services. When faced with slow Internet speeds, such as a dial-up connection, Terminal Services will not work. While Citrix supports many operating systems, such as Windows, MAC, Linux, Java, Unix, IBM OS/2 and DOS Clients, Terminal Services supports only Windows Clients. Citrix supports high-resolution graphics; Terminal Services graphics are typically grainy, with delayed access. Citrix offers simple printing—you’ll only see your own company’s printers, whereas with Terminal Services environments, you’ll see a pool of different printers from various Terminal Services’ clients.

ACT! and the Ipad

January 4th, 2011 • By: Jon Klubnik HighTrust, Hosting

ACT! and the Ipad

The Ipad is fast becoming a serious business tool. It’s ease of use and open face format make the IPAD the perfect demonstration device. Whether you are taking a loan application with a client, or just if you need your business information at your fingertips.

Our Hosted Citrix services allows you to view ACT on many devices not otherwise supported by ACT. This includes MAC computers, Linux, and the IPAD. Real time all the time access to your information across your entire team.

Today, we want to go over some of the ways a user can connect to their ACT via IPad.

Log me in or Go to My PC – Each of these tools allow you to contol another computer from your IPAD or other Tablet device. This provides a cost effective  and relatively simple to connect to your computer from your tablet.  These solutions can be viable for single users and small teams. The most important consideration is that you must have a computer dedicated for you to access back at an office somewhere. If that computer crashes or if someone else needs to use it, your data is not accessible.  Also, this becomes a logistical challenge as the size of your teams grow as more and more computers need to be dedicated to this type of access.