Things to Consider When Considering Hosting

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing represents a paradigm shift from the typical client server or pc based hosing of data and applications. Each of these platforms was limited to a particular machine and usually to a particular geographic location. If your computer crashed or you are outside of the office, it was difficult to access that data.  Cloud computing is a metaphor for the internet.  Typical cloud computing providers deliver common business applications online that are accessed by a web service or web browser while the software and data themselves are stored on a series of servers in a commercial datacenter.

There are three ways to view ACT remotely.

  • ACT! for Web
  • ACT! Premium Synchronization
  • ACT! over Citrix (thin client)

When might Hosting ACT! in the cloud make sense to you?

We have found that a hosted ACT solution makes sense for many of the following scenarios;

1)      You have an outsourced an IT Department. Because we are specialized in ACT, you can usually get the technical aspects of what we do along with the training aspects from a single source.  Our skill set in ACT goes far beyond that of the local “computer guy”

2)      ACT is not supported in your organization –if your IT department is either unwilling or unable to support an  ACT!  software solution in your organization, we can help.  Because our staff has been extensively trained in supporting ACT in all types of environments, it is usually more cost effective to have Tandem manage and host your ACT project.

3)      You have a geographically dispersed team.  – Getting to all of your data remotely can be a challenge. Having it centrally located and managed increases uptime and decreases cost.

4)      Larger teams benefit from our assistance in the management of your database. We are available to watch for usage patterns and training inconsistencies.  Doing something right the first time greatly increases the chances of success of your project.  Our years of experience help insure that this will happen.

5)      We are perfect for the virtual office and the virtual worker. Our Citrix based solution allows you to “turn” on an employee almost immediately. There is almost nothing to load on their workstation, not domain to add or configure and no servers for your to maintain.  We are a great for growing and mobile work forces.

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