Different Work Styles in a Disconnected World

Because our workforce is more geographically dispersed, people have different styles of working.  Consequently, not every tool is right for every worker.

The Mobile Worker or Road Warrior – This person spends 10 or more hours on the road, in the car, on a plane.  It is essential that whatever device they use be small, light, power up immediately.

Remote Worker or Teleworker – typically we think of this person as those of us who have home offices.  Mine has a desktop computer with two screens, speaker phone.  The tools of the remote worker

Remote Office – This is a group of folks away from the mother ship.  An outpost office.  Many times a manufacturer will set up a remote sales office away from the IT resources of the company headquarters.  Because of the physical distance and also the fact that technical decisions are being made by some one not in the same geographic proximity, there are challenges with maintaining a technical infrastructure.

Hodgepodge – a mix of all of the above scenarios

Sage has several tools for mobile workers, however all of these tools are “lite” versions of Sage ACT! 

  • ACT Connect – syncs your basic ACT data to a third party server and down to SOME mobile devices – fits mobile workers only
  • ACT! Premium Mobile – is a new HTML 5 client, ultimately to replace ACT! for Web, but still is a very limited version of ACT! – mobile workers only
  • ACT for Web – is most of ACT over a web browser – fits mobile workers or “lite” act users only.   The product is lacking the full features and stability of the ACT! Premium desktop product.


ACT! Virtual Desktop

  • Full Desktop ACT! Product allows for ALL of the functionality of ACT
  • Hosted Microsoft Office 2012
  • Optional Quickbooks, Quotewerks and more.
  • Device Agnostic – works on Mac, PC, Ipad, Zoom tablet and more – works on almost any internet enabled device.
  • ACT! Consulting
  • ACT! Training