By Jon Klubnik • November 25th, 2016

Quotewerks has a built in contact manager, but it really isn’t a CRM like Act.  We suggest using a Contact management tool like ACT rather than just the built in Rol-A Dex that comes with Quotewerks.  Here’s why.

A CRM is going to provide buckets or holding area for a variety of bits of information regarding the relationship between your company and the people and organizations you are selling to.  In Act!, this includes people (contacts), Companies, meetings and phone calls (Tasks) as well as information about the deals (Opportunities) you are working on

In terms of the flow between Act! and Quotewerks, the information from the contact (or person) is captured in Act! and flows to Quotewerks when the quote is created.  Basic contact information along with any additional contact fields can all be pushed from Act! into Quotewerks when the Quote is created.

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