By Jon Klubnik • July 2nd, 2013

How to see all notes created this year.

The question we had today was how to create a report or view all notes created this year. There are three ways that this can be accomplished and I wanted next summarize those here and then I have created a short video that illustrates the process.

The first is to go the lookup menu and choose contact activity and then set the filter to choose notes that have changed since the first of the year. Here’s a screenshot that illustrates that.


Clicking okay here will create a lookup of all contacts that have notes during the current year.

This can be exported to Excel and although it does not export the notes it does give you a list of contacts you have notes. One would then need to scroll throughthe contact details view one by one to see the notes.

The second way is to create a dynamic group and set the criteriaof the group to be all contactswhere the create date contain data to be in the group.  Because all contacts contain a create date therefore the group would contain all contacts.  Then we can go to the notes tab within the new group and set the filter to show all notes created since the first year.  This method is a good way to view just the notes created since the first of the year.

Here’s the notes view showing the notes created since the first of the year .


The third way to see all the notes would be to create a report. The best report for this is the notes history report.  However if you want to just see the notes, you need deselect the options on the history.Make sure to select a range of dates that you’d like to see the notes.

Here is a snippet of that finished report.



Here is the video that goes through the steps.

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