By Jon Klubnik • February 28th, 2017

By Default, when ACT shares the database supplemental files folders, they are save on an unhidden Share available to Everyone on the network.  This short article will document how to secure on a network for companies with security or compliance (For example HIPPA) concerns.

Create hidden share using windows share

Open ACT! as administrator

Share the database, using tools, database maintenance, share database.  (there will be a check next to share database when you are done)

Close ACT

Open SQL management studio

Edit the table called CTL_DBCONFIG

For the Row With value of Name=Root and Section=datastore, add the $ after the share name to create the hidden share

Save the change and exit SQL management studio

Open ACT, confirm the CHECK next to Share Database under Tools, Database maintenance

Delete the Public (unhidden share) from Server maintenance file shares.



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