By Jon Klubnik • May 24th, 2017

Let’s say you have decided to hire a summer intern to help you with your database and with sales, but let’s also say that your databases is rather sensitive and you want to make sure your new assistant doesn’t contact the wrong person by mistake.  One way to address this issue is to may your customer list private.  Here are the steps and a short video describing the process.

Yes, you can set everything to private from the contact list, select all, then Right Click Choose Edit Contact LIst and set to Private  That will make all current records private

You can confirm they are private by lookup advanced Contacts by access and look up public records, if you did it right, only users should show up (users are always public)

Finally, you can set the default for Todd’s records to be private when he creates them but going to tools, preferences, record creation preferences, set to private for new contacts

Here is a video that describes the process

Let me know if that does what you expect

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