By Jon Klubnik • August 18th, 2011

As the workforce becomes more and more mobile. The question is how to get to your data when you are away. There are also a lot of different new technologies entering the workplace, Smartphones, tablets and cloud computing are becoming more and more mainstream.

Bill is a 26 year sales veteran of the Food service industry in New York City. Bill considers himself to have better than average knowledge with technology. However, due to the changing times and highly competitive industry, he has had to adapt by being more mobile.

When it came time to finding a partner that would fill his “mobile warrior needs”, Bill selected Tandem Training, after interviewing three companies. What first impressed us about Bill was his passion for technology.   Bill is an early adopter and has several tablet devices and uses different computers for home, work, and road work. He sought out Tandem for hosting of his ACT database when he realized that he could gain a technical advantage by hosting his ACT database in the Cloud.

Bill is able to access his customer data from anywhere, at anytime from any internet enabled device for a flat monthly fee.

What Bill says about Tandem Training . . .

“We have been working together for 5 weeks now and have to give them deserved accolades to publish. They have been professional, responsive, flexible and intelligent, all traits of a team I like to work with and rare descriptions to put into one sentence these days. I had 1 custom requests needed done to get myself fully mobile, they did within a week and it is flawless. I have a second request they are working on now, have communicated with me about it’s progress and I expect a solution shortly. I look forward to growing my business with them.”
Bill A., New York.

If you are looking for a partner to provide solutions that allow you the flexibility and convenience to work from anyway, contact us today and we can work together to get the best solution for you.

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