Sage Premium Mobile – Tablets and Smart Phones.

70% of Sage ACT users now have a smart phone.  60% of small business owners planning to purchase tablets within the next year.

People are going to smart phones and tablets because of these tools make them mobile.  Today’s mobile workforce requires the small sleek form factor, the fast boot up times and the anywhere anytime access that these tools provide.  You no longer have to lug a laptop along to your meetings and in and out of your car.

There remain challenges as this technology is still at a transitional stage in it’s evolution. In fact, only 35% of all small businesses have policies for tablet computer use although 77% of all users find themselves using their desktop or laptop computers less after purchasing a tablet.  Already 28 % have replaced a PC or laptop with a tablet device!

New Sage ACT! Premium Mobile Solution

  • New HTML 5 Client add on to ACT for Web will provide:
  • Rich App-like experience
  • Browser interdependence
  • Works on Apple, Android, and Microsoft smartphones and tablet devices.
  • The new Sage ACT premium Mobile client will bridge the gap between the local ACT application and Web delivery
  • Real time access to your ACT information no matter where you are!

Contrast of Sage mobile product offerings.

Sage ACT! Connect is designed for 1-9 users, this product is hosted by Sage and provides access to SageACT data from Ipad, iPhone, Android, blackberry and Windows Mobile devices.  Offline data is provided for only some devices.

Sage ACT! Premium Mobile is designed for 10 + Users and is included with Sage ACT! Premium 2012

The product piggybacks on the ACT Premium for Web client, and must be installed on a web server.

More is coming shortly on this new product offering. Stay tuned.

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