Consulting Services

ACT! Certified Consultants offer a variety of services to help you wrap ACT! around your business.

Customized ACT! Screens

We can totally customize the look and feel of your ACT! database. Fields can be added which reflect the way you do business.  Do you want to standardize the drop downs for fields?  Make particular fields mandatory? Different layouts for different departments? Let us help.

ACT! in a Sales Environment

Customized Sales Stages, Product Lists, Competitor information may be used for Sales reports sorted by Salesperson, Close Date and more!

Importing and Exporting of Databases

We can bring all of your data together. Data from Goldmine, Outlook, Excel,

Word, Maximizer, Access, Oracle, Paradox, or just about anything can be brought into ACT!. We can help you migrate to ACT! without missing a step!

Synchronization Planning and Set Up

ACT! can be used to keep all of your sales persons on the road up to date with the company database.  We can create a database and distribute remote databases to your sales team around the world.

Intgration with Handheld devices

Take your data with you. We help set up and configure ACT! databases to work with many of today’s popular PDA’s. Learn more about our PDA Add-on Software

Customized Email and Document Templates

We can take your forms, sales letters, or customized documentation and automate the process using your ACT! data.  Imagine sending out hundreds of emails or letters in a single afternoon.

Database Consolidation

We can take a variety of databases from ACT! and other sources and consolidate the data to make a single group database while retaining individual calendars, sales opportunities and history items.

Multi User ACT! Databases

Customized Reports

ACT! reports customized to your needs.  We can add custom fields to your reports, sort and provide summary information all utilizing the ACT! report writer.  And show you how to do it your self.

Networked ACT! Databases

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could view your ACT! data at the same time? You can!  We can configure ACT! for sharing and can configure your network accordingly or work with your IT staff to ensure trouble free operation of your ACT! database.

Shared Databases

Different people using the same database all at the same time. Just type in your event, or note and it is there for all view across your network or around the world.

Database Administration

Let us show you what you need to do to administer an ACT! database, from setting up synch, adding users, recovering from database corruption and basic database maintenance.

Maintenance set up and automation

A healthy database is a happy database!  We can help set up automated maintenance and train you and your staff on important functions including re indexing, purging of obsolete data, removal and prevention of duplicates and more.  An absolute necessity.

Database Conversion

Custom Queries to Speed Data Retrieval

Need to see just your data quickly?  There is no need for separate databases.  We can speed up the data retrieval process through customized queries.

Optimization of Database performance

Is your database slow, or are you getting errors?  We can troubleshoot the source of problem to maximize efficiency.

Crystal Reports based Reports

ACT! reports are highly informative and just fine for most organizations, but sometimes you need to take them to the next level. This can be done with Crystal Reports.  We can customized reports for you which will really let you see the data in your ACT! database in a whole new way.

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