By Grace • April 23rd, 2012

Emails Strategies that get Results

Originally published on the Swiftpage Marketing Blog.

As switpage user , I learnt I have less than a minute to capture the attention of the recipient and get them to engage. It takes 15 – 30 seconds for a recipient to engage,  get the point and know what to do. Below are strategies  that  get results.

Stick to the Point
It takes 1/3 of a second for the receiver to decide whether or not to open the email, therefore the email title should get their attention. The email should be short and to the point. If an email is too long the receipt will just gloss over it, so for additional information create a link to a landing page.  If you have a high open rate and a low click through rate then this may be evidence of a long email.

Think Creatively
The human eye is naturally drawn to human images, for that reason add relevant stock imagery. Creatively place the offer in the vicinity of the image, were the receiver will not miss it. Also make sure to maintain brand consistency with all your email templates. This way the receipt is able to recognize the brand and respond quickly.

Call to Action
The goal of the email must be immediately clear, it should be the first thing the receipt  sees when they open the email. It should be placed above and below the fold if scrolling is necessary. Use a combination of buttons and text based links for the call to action. Test the buttons and text based links to see which gives  you the best results.

Give these strategies a try and let us know how it worked for you.


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