By Grace • April 12th, 2012

Deciding if hosting  is the best choice for your company is a critical task.  The checklist below is designed to assist companies like yours to make the best choice by highlighting some of the key factors involved. 

Depending on your requirements or resources, this checklist will help determine if hosting makes sense.

Check the appropriate box
Yes__      No__      IT Staff (Availability/ ACT! Expertise)
Yes__      No__     Geographically Dispersed Users
Yes__      No__     Capital Availability
Yes__      No__     Customization Requirements
Yes__      No__     Large number of users
Yes__      No__     Access to the Internet
Yes__      No__     Integration with other Applications ( MS Office, QuickBooks, QuoteWerks)
Yes__      No__    Need for a Predictable IT Budget

Our Strengths:

  • If you are already outsourcing your IT related needs or if your IT staff does not possess the necessary skills, our team has the expertise needed to support your ACT! environment.
  • Geographically  dispersed teams  are able to access data from a central location which increases efficiency and reduces costs.
  • Capital availability hosting has  low start up costs, with little or no  long term commitment.
  • Our team can met your database customization needs to enable to work efficiently.
  • Large number of users,  benefit  from having central administration, which is critical in managing large groups.
  • Our thin client model provides access to all of your applications from nearly any device via an internet connection.  For those needing off line access, synchronization is available for several applications.
  • The thin client solutions allows for  Integration with other applications such as MS Office,  QuickBooks, QuoteWerks and more.
  • Our hosting packages are a fixed monthly fee allowing you to plan your  IT budget.

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