By Grace • December 26th, 2012

A Smart task is a sequence of steps that are linked, such as in a workflow, to perform tasks or actions for either contacts or opportunities. Examples of tasks include sending emails to follow-up with a contact, email birthday greetings or a reminder email to upgrade software.

The sequence of linked steps is organized using a template. There are a number of templates included in Sage ACT! such as, New Contact Welcome, Birthday Reminder, Opportunity Followup and a number of Sage E-Marketing emails.

Before you run a Smart Task make sure that you have set up your Outlook or Sage E-marketing if the Smart Task has an email or E-marketing step.

In the new Sage ACT 2013 you can schedule your smart tasks to run offline, specific steps can keep moving forward, even when Sage ACT! is closed. Also Smart Tasks can automatically update records once specific conditions are met, for example assigning a sales representative to a new customer in a specific territory.


Sage ACT Smart Tasks (click to enlarge image)

To access Smart Tasks: On the Schedule menu | Manage Smart Tasks

To add a new Smart Task template: Click New Smart Task.

Stop and think about the common tasks that you perform frequently or you would like to perform. Then create or modify one the the available templetes.

Begin to work smart with Smart Tasks!

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