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Get Act! AddOns with a Hosted Database

Would you like to use your Act! AddOns and still have your Act! Database Hosted?  Check out all of your AddOn options for Virtual Desktop Hosting at the AddOn Store! Email or call 866-710-4228 for more information.

Act! Obsolescence Policy Taking Effect – Dont Lose Support

Swiftpage’s Obsolescence Policy for Version 15 of Act! is set to take effect on November 30th, this year. Meaning that your v15 Software will no longer be supported by Act!. There is exclusive upgrade pricing available for v15 users to migrate to Act! v17. The upgrade includes expert technical support, product updates, innovative new features and services, […]

ACT is running but it doesn’t show up

ACT is running but it doesn’t show up Answer: Use Alt + Tab to highlight and select the ACT icon Use Alt + Space to access the system menu (nothing visible is likely to happen). (if you can, select maximize here) Keep holding Alt and press the letter M for Move . Use Right, Left, […]

Upgrading ACT! while Keeping Remotes Synchronizing

We are running Premium 2010 with two remote users.  Will we have to recreate the remote databases when we upgrade  or will they just be able to continue syncing once they have installed the software? Answer: They should be able to continue syncing. However, due to changes in the way ACT handles sales opportunities (if […]

Tracking Phone Calls in ACT!

How easy is ACT! to use in terms of tracking phone calls and generating reports specifically for a Call Center? Crystal is the best tool for call tracking.  There are crystal reports readers that can be had.  If you have ACT 2010, I"d use the OLDDB provider #2 and Crystal REports along with Crystal Clear […]

Dude, Where’s my (ACT) Stuff?

One of the more common and dangerous problems we see is people loosing their data because they didn’t remember where they saved it.  When they can’t find it, usually they make another database and start using that.  That can be costly and dangerous because you then have data spread across many databases. It is for […]

Event Marketing made Easy

Event Marketing made easy with ACT! E-Marketing For the last few years we have had the opportunity to successfully  host  the Sage ACT! Roadshow. This is an event where we get to meet with current customers and introduce potential customers to our products and services. As with any event, there are a number of logistics […]

Social Sharing for ACT! E-Marketing

Social Sharing for ACT! E-Marketing Sage ACT! teamed with Swiftpage to release a new  feature called Social Sharing  for ACT! E-Marketing. This tool allows you to broadcast to your social network. Also when you send an email, your receipients are able to share the email message by clicking on the social network icons at the bottom of […]

How To Create, Manage, and Add Contacts to Groups in ACT!

How To Create, Manage, and Add Contacts to Groups in ACT! Answer ID 12864   |    Published 07/02/2005 09:18 AM   |    Updated 04/26/2012 09:33 AM You would like to know how to create and manage groups and subgroups in ACT!. Introduction Groups provide a way to categorize and organize contacts along with helping to manage relationships […]

Get your ACT together with Smart Tasks

Get your ACT together with Smart Tasks Each month I have  list of tasks to do, for example touching base with new customers after a month of service.  However, whenever I get busy some of the tasks get forgotten. With the recently improved ACT! Smart Tasks feature it like having an assistant to help you […]